What We Do

Strategy, Lobbying, Federal Funding.

Design, develop and execute effective federal advocacy and federal funding strategies and initiatives.

Through our distinguished careers serving senior leaders in both the Democratic and Republican parties in the House and the Senate, we thoroughly understand how government works and how to get things done in Washington.

Kadesh & Associates' relationships with key players in Washington and the California Congressional delegation in particular are invaluable in advancing our clients' policy and funding priorities. Our team is highly effective in working with our clients to help enact or shape legislation and work with Executive branch agencies on policy, regulatory development, and strategic priority setting.

We're driven to deploy aggressive follow up and skillful execution required to accomplish our clients' objectives.

Federal Funding
Kadesh & Associates has extensive, firsthand experience securing federal funding for our clients and advocating for needs through legislative or regulatory actions, maximizing opportunities offered by appropriations and authorization processes, and through federal regulatory and grant processes.

Despite the current era of budget austerity, our team has an excellent track record of success in securing federal funding for our clients' critical projects.

Our team excels in messaging. We're skilled in crafting the optimal way to make policy and political arguments that result in postive outcomes.

Political Participation

Kadesh & Associates frequently helps our clients facilitate their active, strategic participation in political campaigns, identifying optimal target races for fundraising efforts, in both the House and Senate.

Coalition Building
Our team has proven effective in helping our clients build productive, strategic relationships with organizations that share mutual policy objectives. As a bipartisan firm, we're exceptionally well positioned to build successful bipartisan coalitions, especially for California-related issues.

Positioning Our Clients for Success
Our team easily and seamlessly partners with other advocacy firms and parties on behalf of our clients. We successfully prepare and deploy our clients' greatest asset, our clients themselves, to engage policy makers in the time, place and manner most suited to achieving success.

Connected. Aggressive. Results.

Through our 50 years of combined Congressional experience, we're effective. We're able to move our clients' priorities. We capitalize on our substantive policy and legislative expertise and our well-established contacts with California's Congressional Delegation and Congressional, Executive Branch, government agency, and regulatory policymakers and staff.

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